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One-Stop Marine Services Solution

We Design . We Build . We Deliver

Established in 2012, Faith Marine provides a vast range of ship basic Naval Architecture designs, 3D production designs and marine related services including shipbuilding to a global customer base, with clients from Australia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia to name but a few. Today, Faith Marine is recognized globally as a one-stop-shop for delivering complete solutions to clients, instead of just selling them designs.

By working closely with shipyards locally, FM is able to provide wide range of products Worldwide including tugboats, landing craft (LCT), Anchor Handling Tug & Supply (AHTS). FM is also focusing on continuously improving in the areas of design and flexibility to ensure that the solutions they customize meet the requirements and needs of their clients, the team at Faith Marine are able to produce unique and well-engineered products to their clients. 

Faith Marine will never stop improving and equipping themselves to ensure that they are able to help any client which chooses their services. Every moment, the team are looking for something new implement, whilst never stopping challenging difficultness stand in their way. Faith Marine have high determination to achieve an even higher level of success. As their core values state: ‘We always dream big, determine the way and do it.’

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